Claremont Auxiliary

The Auxiliary is a nonprofit group of volunteers who donates time and resources to serve the residents of Claremont. The Auxiliary board meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month with open meetings at Claremont that you can attend three times a year. The goal of The Auxiliary is to serve the residents of Claremont and has been doing so since 1952. Membership is open to anyone interested in the care of residents. We invite you to become an active member.

What does the Auxiliary do?

  • Purchase needed equipment for residents
  • Pay for field trips for residents
  • Scholarships for nursing students
  • Provide Christmas vouchers to residents
  • Fund for campus aquariums
  • Subsidize resident cable fee
  • Volunteer at Claremont

Contacting the Board

If you are interested in donating or joining The Auxiliary board please email us.